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How are diseases born and what to do to stay healthy

For Professor Belpomme, the main cause of the development of our serious diseases is the deterioration of the quality of our environment. Ten years of work and several thousand pages of scientific analysis convinced the oncologist that obesity, diabetes, autism, cancer, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer's, allergies, etc. to a large extent due to our exposure to chemicals, not to mention the role of electromagnetic fields.

Chapter after chapter, study after study, it shows that aging or our sedentary lifestyle is very far from explaining the growth of long-term diseases that are hitting us increasingly, all over the world and younger and younger. Alcohol and tobacco remain important risk factors, but they do not explain everything. The chemicals we breathe and swallow are the primary environmental causes of the conditions and diseases we develop.

The second part, which explains the mechanisms by which all this happens, is not always easy to follow for the Boeotian. The end of the book offers many avenues of prevention that go from common sense (avoid living next to a gas station!) To eat organic, limit the use of laptops and wifi, etc. As Professor Belpomme knows, his demonstrations call into question powerful economic and political interests. More reason to read it.


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